Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I thought this week would never end.

Literally, I thought this week would never end.
But evidently, it did. 
And then I looked back and said, "What did I even do this week?"
The answer is, tracting. 
Ughgggghhh you guys I hate tracting. I don't know, something about people slamming the door in my face isn't very appealing. Maybe that's just me? But we did it anyways. Lots of it. And street contacting. And visiting with less active members and doing service and receiving rides from members because it rained like every day this week. And that's basically it. 
I feel really bad that nothing cool happened this week. And I don't have any funny stories to tell either. SORRY GUYS I'LL DO BETTER NEXT WEEK.
Oh wait. 
There is one.
Yesterday, we had supper with the elders at a member's home. They have eight children, and number nine on the way, but they are some of the most well behaved children I've ever met. Anyways. I wrote a song on the ukulele a couple weeks back and as part of our dinner message, I shared that with them. And then they asked me to sing it again so they could record it. And then they decided to go stalk my YouTube profile. HOLY AWKWARD IT WAS SO EMBARRASSING. There are videos from songs I wrote like back in 9th grade and they forced us to sit there and watch ALL OF THEM and the elders were there too! *sigh* Super embarrassing. But. They're a great family and I totally want to be just like them some day. Just maybe not eight kids...
I love you guys a ton and I'm super grateful for all the support that comes my way from you all. You're the greatest and I couldn't do this without you. 
Enjoy these photos. 

This one was taken this morning while we walked our laundry to a member's home. For whatever reason, we didn't have our car and I was not happy about walking my laundry. So Sister McDonald had to take a photo. And then, mom, I got that skirt and I took a photo in it. Look, mommy, I'm a princess! (: 
Love you!
-Sister Pipkin


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