Saturday, July 4, 2015

Once upon a time there was a guy named Dave

Once upon a time, there was a guy named Dave. Sister Layton and I met Dave as we were getting ready to get in our car and we saw him walk by with his arm in a sling. Naturally, we asked him what had happened. "Motorcycle accident!" he told us. We talked a little more, and then the kind man went on his way. My companion and I watched him walk into his home and we thought to ourselves that we needed to knock his door sometime soon. But of course, we forgot, and didn't think much about it since then. 
Earlier this week, we received a call from Sister Johnson in our ward. She had been sitting in the church foyer waiting for an interview when this man walks into the church, asking who he can talk to to help him know more about the church. Sister Johnson, being the amazing woman that she is, promptly directed him to the missionaries. That would be us. She gave him our info and then she called us to tell us about it. We gave him a call and he wanted us to come over that night! We were already in for curfew, but we set an appointment for the next day. We followed the directions to his home and once we realized where we were, Sister Layton and I started to freak out. THIS WAS THE SAME GUY WE MET BEFORE! We went in and started talking to him, only to realize that he was extremely drunk and on pain killers for his shoulder, due to the motorcycle accident previously mentioned. BUT. HE SAID HE'D READ THE BOOK OF MORMON AND COME TO CHURCH AND GET BAPTIZED. Even though he was drunk, I totally felt the Spirit, like more than I have in any discussion, I'm pretty sure. We told him we'd come back later that week and see how he was doing, and then we left. 
We came back on Saturday to meet with Dave again, but no one answered. As we were walking back to the car, his wife came out and started walking towards us. Naturally, I started internally freaking out, afraid that she was going to come chew us out and tell us to never come back. BUT THEN. She told us she was so thankful that we had stopped by the other night and talked to Dave and that she felt that our visit was inspired. She told us that Dave wasn't feeling well, but she wants us to come back later when he is and when she's not at work so she, too, can listen to what we have to share. She said that if he was feeling better that they'd be at church the next day! It was SUCH an awesome experience and I just know that these people are going to accept the gospel in their lives. 

Sister Layton and I sang I Believe In Christ in church this Sunday. We mostly used it as a way to get people to come to church, and it worked! We had a lot of our less active members that we've been working with come out to hear us and they were reminded how much they loved coming to church! It's been neat to see how our talents have helped us hasten the Lord's missionary work. 

Attached are a few photos from our trip to Waterton last week, as well as a lunch we went to with some youth we met a few weeks ago. These girls were in our group when we helped out at a youth conference pre-MTC training thing. We met up with them for lunch and they're all so awesome! 
Another of the photos is of Sister Layton and I after one of our investigators did our make up. She has her license in aesthetics, so she's done our nails and our make up and now she's letting us teach her! It's awesome. 

I LOVE THIS MISSION!!! I'll admitt I have my trunky days, but it's definitely the best experience I've had this far in my short 19 years on this earth. I also thank ALL of you for your love and support. It means so much to me! Have a great week! Remember to keep saying your prayers and reading your scriptures and going to church and telling people you love them! (:

Signing off, 

Sister Pipkin 

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