Monday, July 6, 2015

Bike riding and baby hungry

This week, we got bikes. 
I know I'm being extremely spoiled when I say this, but I miss the car we were using. It was sooooo helpful. And, let's just face it, riding a bike in a skirt just isn't all that fun. Neither are those seats. Ouchie. 
But! It's an adventure. And it's kind of fun when I decide to make it so. So here is a photo of Sister McDonald and I in our cute little bike helmets. 

In other news, our investigators, Dave and Michelle, are on date for baptism on July 18th! We're extremely excited for them. Dave is our drunk friend, who has now stopped drinking, and Michelle is his beautiful wife. They've decided to get baptized on the same date and we're doing all we can to help them reach that goal! And then we found out that Michelle smokes. Lol. So that was a cute little bump in the road. But, no fear! We taught them how to fast, and that was something that they fasted for, that Michelle would be able to quit smoking by the 18th. And they're just rocking all the commitments we're leaving them. They study the Book of Mormon together and they read the Gospel Principles manual they received from Sunday school, and it's just awesome. They're so golden. Next step, temple sealing! Yay yay yay! (:

We've done LOTS of service this week, which is awesome. But I'm also really sore from it, which is also awesome, but kind of pathetic haha. And from all this service and walking/biking everywhere, I've got a great tan. A sister missionary tan, but still, a tan. Bet you didn't think you'd send me off to Canada to get a good tan, eh? (; 

The elders serving in one of the wards in my zone had a baptism for their investigator, and they asked Sister McDonald and I to do a presentation on the Restoration while their investagator was getting changed after the actual dunking. So we did. And we didn't prepare that well because we've been so busy, but it turned out really well! We started off with playing the Telephone game around the room and tied that in to how we need prophets on the earth today to guide and direct us, leading into the Great Apostasy and the First Vision. It was a cool thing!

Mom, I got your package. THANK YOU I NEEDED THAT YOU'RE A LIFE SAVER. And Grandma, I got the face wash. THANK YOU I NEEDED THAT YOU'RE A LIFE SAVER. And Bishop and Sister Argyle, I got your letter. And mom, tell Jo at Dr. Hill's that I got her letter. And Trystan, I got your letter! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!

Also, this random toilet I found in a back alley while we were walking. If you know me, you know that I HAD TO take a photo on it. If you don't know me, then what the heck? (;

-Sister Pipkin

I forgot to talk about the baby hungry portion of this week. 
EVERYONE AROUND ME HAS BABIES AND I JUST WANT TO HOLD ONE! Being a sister missionary is like super duper fun, except I can't hold people's babies. And it's awful because THEY'RE SO CUTE WHAT WHY. 
And that's it. It's just been plaguing my mind all week. 

Love you all!

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