Monday, March 21, 2016

I took way too many photos

Nutella Mustaches

We like to play this game called What Are the Odds. We pick random things we want our companion to do and we say, "What are the odds you'll do this?" They say something like, "1 in 5 or 1in 10" depending on how willing they are to do it. We count, "3, 2, 1" and then say the number we picked. If we say the same number, then we have to do it. 
We were playing this during a particularly slow Waffle Wednesday with one of the guys on the LDSSA committee (Latter-day Saint Single Adults). 
He lost. 
And therefore, he had to have a Nutella mustache, because that was the dare. 
I honestly wish I could figure out Google docs because there's a hilarious video that goes along with it, but that's ok. The photo will suffice. 

This happens to be the title of my email this week because it also happens to be about the most exciting thing that's happened. 
The struggle of the lull in missionary work after just having had baptisms is so real. We're really trying to find other people to teach and baptize haha, but it's a slow process. 
I also forgot my planner again so I can't remember what we did. I know, I'm horrible. This happens at the end of every transfer. I finish using my planner and then leave it at home because I forget that it's my brain and I need it for emails to remind me what we did this past week. 
Oh well. 

We dropped two of our investigators. It was kind of rough. The intent wasn't there, they just wanted us to prove to them that the Book of Mormon was true and us telling them to read and pray about it wasn't enough for them. They weren't willing to act upon faith, so it wasn't worth our time. They also weren't looking for anything but facts, so that was frustrating. But after dropping them, I've read so much in my studies about faith and real intent and all the things that we need to do and they just weren't quite ready for that yet. Someday! 

We took some pretty neat photos next to this valley-type-thing that overlooks Calgary that's soooo pretty. Canada is really pretty, guys. I love it.

We got to go to the YSA March Madness tournament this weekend and it was neat to be able to cheer on the teams from our ward and be a part of that camaraderie. It was neat to see how many members from the ward came out to support their friends, even if basketball isn't really their thing. Yay for YSA(:
Dang, this is rough, I'm really trying to wrack my brain of what we did, but basically, that's it.We cleaned out our car and found some random Happy Birthday glasses that Sister Dean left behind when she got transferred. So, yeah, enjoy the random photos of us. I hope everyone's week goes well(: Love you all! 
I just want to quick bare my testimony that I'm thankful for this gospel. So often we say that the church is true, and it is, but what we really mean to say is that the gospel is true. It's Christ's gospel. He set it up perfectly when He was here on the earth, and He restored it perfectly again through Joseph Smith. I'm grateful for it and the blessings it brings in my life. 

Love you!

<3 Sister Pipkin 

1 & 2) Our zone "band photo" before transfers
3) Sister Sears wearing the infamous Happy Birthday glasses. hahaha. Blackmail. 
4) Canada's really pretty 
5) Jacob's Nutella mustache
6) the epitome of YSA 

Monday, March 7, 2016

Mother of two

In missionary terms, we say that we have a baby when we train. And this is my second time training, so I'm now a mother of two. Aww. So cute. 

So anyways. 

Monday: We played this really fun game called Mission Impossible. The lights are off and the person who's "IT" has a flash light. They spotlight people who are trying to make it to the front to grab the oven mitts (or whatever) and bring them back to the home base. And we're hiding behind tables set on their end. And it's super duper fun except for the bruises it leaves, both from crawling around on your knees and from running smack into tables you can't see. But it was a blast. 
After that, we went to the regional YSA FHE carnival and it was so much fun!!! There was a kissing booth, but because we're missionaries, we just took photos in it lol. I also got to see my first baby, Sister McDonald. She was there because she's serving in another YSA in South Calgary. It was awesome to see her!

Tuesday: Was Sister Dean's birthday. And kind of the last day she had to finish packing before we picked up the fetus, so we spent the day packing. Actually, she spent the day packing. I mostly watched, cuz I'm a super supportive companion like that. And then we went to a member's house for supper and they fed us her favorite, waffles and bacon for supper! And they got her a cake and we sang happy birthday and it was precious. And then the zone leaders called and told her she was going to be a Sister Training Leader, and I laughed. She didn't want that, but it happened anyways. Lol. 

Wednesday: We picked up the fetus. Or should I say, I had the baby... Idk, I feel like I actually have real life mommy brain because my brain is not working this week haha. Anyways, we were almost late to pick her up because we had to grab a slurpee for an elder that Sister Dean lost a bet to. But no need to fear, we made it just in time. And I like her, I think I'll keep her. Her name is Sister Sears and she's from Arizona, so she's kind of cold. I think she might actually be wearing gloves as she types right now haha it's adorable. After we picked her up, we went and had a lesson with this guy who's kind of crazy. He tried to disprove the Joseph Smith thing, but the whole time he was literally shaking, either from the amount of wrongness he was saying or the excess amounts of coffee he was drinking. Idk. It was quite the lesson, though. He said he'd call us to set up another time, but I doubt it. We met up with Kelsey at the chapel across from the temple because she was getting ready to go with some friends from the YSA to do baptisms for the first time! Scott too! Remember, these are the two that just got baptized last Saturday. So that was really awesome. 

Thursday: I said good bye to Sister Dean and it was sad. And also Sister Durrant, who is now Cami, because she's home now. #shoutout. That was sad, but she gave me some of her clothes so it kind of made up for it. After transfers, we spent the day planning, what with it being weekly planning day and whatnot. Later that evening, we visited a girl from our ward who was in the hospital for some emotional and mental health stuff. We brought the zone leaders to give her a blessing and it was so awesome. After they left, we shared the Plan of Salvation with her, per her request, and just as we were finishing, her non-member parents came in. Her mom offered the closing prayer and it was really awesome. 

Saturday: We spent the day helping out at the stake Pinewood Derby event, which they call Cub Car Rally. We mostly manned the hot dog station and I literally ate 6. I only partially regretted that because they were really good. So... yeah. Later that night, we had a lesson with Kelsey about continuing to read the scriptures and how her experience went at the temple. She loved it, she literally wanted to stay there forever haha. She had gone again earlier that day, so basically she's the coolest person ever. 

This week has been so crazy busy, but it's been really good. I'll be a year at the end of this month, and it's crazy to see the difference in training when I was three months out to now. Hopefully I do a better job this time. Lol, sorry, Sister McDonald lol. You know I love you, bae(; Lol speaking of bae, a girl in our ward gave us a ride home from church yesterday and as we were leaving, I said, "Thanks, bae!" Later, Sister Sears said, "Is Bae her name?" LOLOL I LOVE GREENIES!!! It was great. I teased her about it the rest of the day. I'm so excited for this experience, it's going to be a good go. 

Anywho, love you all! I want to bare my testimony that I know that the gospel is true and I am so grateful for that knowledge every day. So many people we talk to are unsure of their life or the way the world is going and it causes them so much stress and grief. When we are able to share with them our testimonies of the plan Heavenly Father has set out for us, it can be such a blessing to them. I'm so grateful every day for my family and their strength in the gospel. Nothing can compare.

Have a blessed week!
Sister Pipkin 

1) We found this romper in our pad that is atrocious, so I decided to put it on over my workout clothes. Don't ask me why, it just happened. 
2) Sister Sears' first time on the train. Even though we're still on the platform at this point. 
3) Sister Durrant (Cami lol) and I for the last time. Aww. 
4) Sister Dean and I. Featuring Elder Windham in the back. Punk. 
5) Our first photo together as mother and daughter. 


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