Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Rejections and purposals

David and Susannah Pipkin 
are pleased to announce 
the engagement of their daughter
Karen Joy Pipkin
Liam Leavitt
the son of 
Kasz and Brittany Leavitt

So this is my engagement announcement. You should all be receiving one in the mail. I'll be coming home soon to follow through with this arrangement. 
But, I did get engaged to this little guy, Liam, this week. He's 6, but cute as can be, and I'm always teasing him and asking if he's going to marry me after my mission. But this time, I decided I needed to act upon it. 
So I took my ring that I was wearing, and I showed him how to propose. And it was cute and all, and then he gets this wild look in his eyes, tells me to stay here, and books it into his room. I'm standing there, feeling like an abandoned bride, and about ten minutes later, he comes back, dressed to the nines in his Sunday best. He gets down on one knee, takes my ring back, and then proposes again so we can get pictures taken the proper way. 
You guys, my heart melted. I literally think my heart melted into a little puddle on the floor and I have pictures that you can all enjoy the moment from. 

But aside from that really exciting moment in my life, this week has been kind of odd. 
Obviously, part of being a missionary is rejection, right? Yeah, I knew that. But. This area is hard, my bruthas and sistas. Everyone has extremely severe substance addictions or has a lot of money and feels that they're above accepting the Lord in their life. So it's quite the character building experience talking to people on the street haha. But it's great. It's taught me how to laugh at myself and at other people. It's great. 

Also, I would like everyone to take a moment to visit your local Taco Bell and enjoy it's yummy goodness. Because here in Canada, they don't do it right. And it depresses me. So enjoy it for me, because I can't. And I'm only slightly bitter about it. 

This week, I sang the Rob Gardner arrangement of "Savior, Redeemer" in sacrament meeting. It was really neat to share my talent with others and to be able to feel the Spirit through it. I love singing, and sometimes I find myself singing bits of songs that don't quite invite the Spirit, and it doesn't do me much good. But when I take the time to hum the tune of a hymn or other uplifting song, I immediately feel a difference. I am so grateful for the gift of music that the Lord has given us to enjoy. It gets me through a lot. 

Sorry this email is kind of shorter. I'm slightly pressed for time and this week is transfer week, so p-day got switched to Tuesday and it totally throws me off and I hate it, but it's cool. 
I love you guys! Thanks for the emails and support! You all rock my socks (:

-Sister Pipkin 

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