Wednesday, December 9, 2015

That one time an old guy professed his love for me

You guys remember our kind of investigator, Fred, right? Fred is 86 and we help him clean every other week with the elders, and he's really stubborn and won't pray but we continue to try and teach him anyways because he's such a sweet old guy and we just cherish him. Anyways. One time, he said he needed one of us to live with him to help clean up after him throughout the week. Sister Durrant jokingly said,
"Sister Pipkin will do it!" 
Thanks, beloved companion. All fun and games, though, because Fred has a great sense of humor. 
Well, this week, he told us,
"Life without a woman is no good," 
to which we laughed.
And then he looks at me and says,
"I want you to stay with me." 
I said, "Oh yeah? Why's that?" 
"Well... because I love you!"
It was adorable and really funny and we spent the whole week reenacting the whole seen. Sweet Fred. Someday he'll decide to pray. But for now, we'll keep serving him. (:

Also this week, we were at the foodbank doing our weekly volunteer stuff, and they gave us a new job. Decorating for Christmas! Yay! I love decorating. Featured is a photo of me and Becca (the daughter of a volunteer whom I want my brother to marry someday) and I next to one of the Christmas trees we put up. She's such a doll. And she shares mine and Sister Durrant's love for T-Swift. 

Probably one of the coolest things this week was that we got to go to the temple. You guys, I just love the temple. It's the best. It's so refreshing to have your spiritual bucket filled to the brim and to be reminded of the promised blessings we are given when we make sacred covenants with our Heavenly Father. It's seriously a huge blessing to have a temple in our mission, and we have two! This one is the Calgary temple. Also, the members who took us have rockin' Australian accents and took us to this really good Vietnamese food place afterwards, so that was a bonus. 

On Friday, we helped set up for 1st ward's Christmas party. Did I mention I love decorating? I do. It was like Christmas morning for me. (which is coming up and if you really want to show your love for me you'll send me something(; *hint hing* *wink wink*) Afterwards, we indulged ourselves in the lunch buffet at Pizza Hut. Was it good? Oh yeah. Was it good for me? Absolutely not. But that's ok because we walked all day, so it makes up for it... right???

Saturday, we went to the elders baptism. They failed to get a pianist ahead of time so I filled in. They're so lucky to have me. The baptism was awesome. It was a part member family and the dad was being baptized, so it was so neat to see him take that step. Next is a temple sealing! Woo hoo! 
We helped set up for our other ward's Christmas party, and then we went and helped out at the Christmas parade. Our job was to make sure no one drives into the parade from the side streets. We got to wear traffic vests and look all official and stuff. Except, apparently if you're wearing a skirt (which I was) people don't listen to you, traffic vest or not. That was annoying. But it was fun. And then our investigator family came to our Christmas party!!!! It was so awesome. I just love love love them and their cute little girls. So excited for what the Lord has in store for them. 

And th-th-th-that's all, folks! Love you all so much. If you haven't had a chance to yet, go to and watch the new video the Church has put out, #ASaviorIsBorn. It's so neat. 

-Sister Pipkin

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