Monday, November 30, 2015

Flu shots don't work

I hate getting shots anyways, so I don't normally get flu shots, but our mission president asked us to get them. So we did because we're obedient. And then this week, we got the flu. So that was fun. And it's also the reason why I don't have much to say because we were out for a couple of days.

So, if you remember Alberta, she's the old lady in the nursing home we visit who started asking about baptism, we visited her again this week and sang her some Christmas hymns and then talked about the Saviour's influence in our lives. It was her 85th birthday this week, so we took some photos with the birthday girl. She's just the sweetest. The other lady we visit, Leona, she's in the hospital. So that's sad. We're going to try and visit her because her health is really poopy and she says her family hates her so.... we're going to hopefully brighten her day. 

We've started doing service through the Church's website, #JustServe, and it's really awesome. It's a great way to get us out in the community helping anyone who needs help. This weekend, we helped set up the Christmas lights for Airdrie's Festival of Lights this weekend. Luckily, it was a really nice day, because we were outside all day replacing light bulbs and making sure things work. It was neat because when we showed up, the people in charge were so happy to see us, they didn't think they were going to get any help at all! They fed us lunch and provided the best hot chocolate ever known to man. Except I accidentally gave an elder a cup of coffee on accident, so that was awkward. But it was a great service opportunity. Service is just one of those things that everyone needs and as soon as we step outside of our comfort zones and help people, it makes us just so much happier. I love it. 

And that's kind of it for this week, unfortunately. We did substitute teach the Valiant 9  primary class and that was a blast. I used to sub for Valiant 9 before I went to school and it was so fun. They're awesome little kids. When we first walked in, they got all excited and were like, "Yay, the sister missionaries are teaching us!" So that was awesome. We taught about Paul testifying of Christ and being a valiant disciple, even though he had it tough with people stoning him and casting him into prison and stuff. 

So that's my message to you this week. Is to be valiant like Paul. He always testified of Christ and stood firm in his belief of the Saviour, even when, and especially when, people were persecuting him for it. So as we each go throughout our individual weeks, remember the Saviour and how we can be a valiant disciple of Him. Be an example and others will notice it. 

Love you all so much! Hope you had fabulous a Thanksgiving and Black Friday!

-Sister Pipkin 

 1) ... "I saw a pillar of light..."

 2) Sister Durrand and Alberta and I

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