Monday, November 23, 2015

Montreal temple re-dedication

This Sunday, we were able to attend the Montreal Temple re-dedication that was broadcasted throughout Canada. It was really awesome and the Spirit was so strong. It made me miss my family a TON because I was reminded of the blessings that come from having an eternal family. Gosh dang it was neat. We went twice, to the early morning session and again to the late afternoon session. The second time, we went with a really awesome lady in our ward whose family wasn't able to attend, so we went and sat with her and it was just sweet. 

Tuesday was an elder in our district's birthday, he was turning 20, so we made him a birthday cake and it was really stinkin' good, if I do say so myself. Lol just kidding, my companion made it. I just put the smarties on that spelled out 20. American smarties. In Canada, smarties are like m&m's but not really because they have m&m's too. They call our smarties rockets. It's silly. No offense, guys(; Anyways. We had a little party for him, complete with a banner that said, "Happy birthday, Elder Pugh!" which I did make lol I'll take credit for that one. 

Thursday, we were contacting a guy named Roger we met a while ago. Turns out he doesn't live there and never has, so we think he might be an angel or something. Anyways, the lady who does live there, we were telling her that we offer service and she said, "I don't know what kind of services you sweeties offer, but I'm not interested." So basically.... I think she thought we were prostitutes, because we somehow failed to mention that we're missionaries. Even though we were covered literally from head to toe because it is FREEZING out here. So that made for a fun experience to write in my journal. We still don't know what happened to Roger, which is why we're pretty sure our guess about him being an angel is correct. 

Friday, the elders in 3rd ward had a baptism that we went to and it was so neat. There's such a special spirit at baptisms and it just kind of helps you refocus as to what your purpose is here on a mission. It's to help others come unto Christ and help them make those changes in their lives necessary to feel the love and happiness the Saviour has to offer them. 
On a less intensely spiritual, lighter note, the elder who baptized had to wear one of the really old outfits that kind of looks like a dress because they ran out of the normal jumpsuits and it was hilarious. I had a hard time keeping my composure lol. 
Last night, we went to mission prep like we normally do on Sunday evenings, and only one kid showed up and like six missionaries. I'm sure he felt intimidated. But the teacher had us show off all of our object lessons and there's like so many it's not even funny. It's awesome, though because object lessons really help people understand what we're trying to teach. Anyways, I've turned into a total sister missionary because I have so many of them up my sleeve. 

So that's basically it for this week. It lightly snowed a couple of times, but nothing seriously Canadian yet.
Also, one of the apartment complexes we were trying to visit someone at has Astro-turf, so I figured I'd suntan.  Anyways. Love you all. Thanks for all your love and support, it means a lot(:

Sister Pipkin 


  1. Birthday a month away....what would you need/want for this auspicious occasion?

  2. Birthday a month away....what would you need/want for this auspicious occasion?