Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The longest week of my life

Not really, but that's kind of what it felt like. It mostly felt like the longest week of my life because I was going back through my camera and we took like a bajillion photos this week. Most of them are from when my zone leaders took my camera and took weird photos of the inside of their mouths and their feet. Idk, you guys. Elders. That's all I can say. 

Anywho. I probably already said this but I'm going to say it again because I'm just so excited about it. SISTER DURRANT AND I ARE STAYING IN AIRDRIE TOGETHER FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!! WOO HOO!!!! Best Christmas wish ever. The only bummer is instead of covering both 1st and 2nd wards, we only cover 2nd ward now. It's good because now we can focus a bit more on just the work in 2nd ward, but it's also really sad because we love love loved the people in 1st ward. And now they have elders. Bleh. JUST KIDDING ELDERS ARE GREAT. But we will miss our 1st warders. (*You'll be in our hearts... yes you'll be in our hearts* name that song quote)

On Monday we had supper with a family in 2nd ward who is leaving for Australia for Christmas. They invited all the elders and we ate pizza and had a good time. We'll miss them, but the cool thing is is that now that we're both staying in Airdrie, we'll be here when they get back! Yay! 

Tuesday, we had our District Meeting at Joey's Fish & Chips. Tuesdays are unlimited fish&chips day, so we took advantage of that. We also walked a member's dog, she wasn't feeling well and her German Sheppard is like 7 months so he has a TON of energy. It was a good work out for us(: We did that a few times this week and it's actually a pretty neat finding idea. People are like a billion times more willing to talk to you when you have a dog, especially if they have a dog too. We also found a violin for Elder Pugh to play at Fred's house, per Fred's request. He busted out his accordion and keyboard for me to play and it was just a jolly good time, jolly good. 

I can't remember what we did Wednesday. It's kind of a blur, and I don't have my planner with me again, so there goes my brain! Although, we did take some district photos on Wednesday before transfers. Minus Sister 
Durrant because she didn't want to be in them/someone had to take them and she volunteered as tribute. 


Friday we made
gingerbread houses after supper with a family in our ward. The elders (our zone leaders who took my camera) came too. They just got into 1st ward so they don't have any suppers this week so they've been tagging along with us. Both elders really went all out on their houses. One made the temple. The other made a log cabin, complete with a souped up truck and a gummy bear climbing in lol.  

Saturday we helped a member move. Let's just say, being on a mission has taught me how to downsize. But it was really neat to see all the people that came out to help this lady, from the ward she was moving from and the ward she was moving into. 
Sunday we went to the stake caroling festival at the stake center. I sang O Holy Night and with the choir. I also sang in sacrament meeting for the ward Christmas program. And this week we get to go to the Nativity pageant in Calgary! Woo hoo!

Something I learned this week was that everyone has their own individual struggles and issues and challenges. We can try to evaluate the situation and try and figure out what that person needs and do all we can to help them, but sometimes it's just not our job. Our job is to love everyone regardless of those struggles, issues, and challenges. It's the Lord's job to fix their problems. It's the Lord's job to judge what they need. We just need to give Christlike love. That's something I'm REALLY trying to work on. I don't love everyone the way I should, but I sure want to. So that's my goal for this week, to have Christlike love for everyone, especially at this CHRISTmas season. 
What's your goal?

I love you all so much! I'm so excited to Skype my family on Friday. Literally the highlight of the week. Of the month. Of the transfer...
 Ok, I just love my family alright? My mom sent me a photo of her and dad dressed up for the Star Wars movie and it was seriously the best thing I'd seen all day. So those of you at home with your families, CHERISH THEM. I'm talking to you, Jake. :D 
That's all for now!
Sister Pipkin
But wait, there's more!
P.S. I'll try to attach all the photos that are worth looking at, but no promises. 
 Thursday was transfers. Transfers are always sad. It's sad to see people go home or get transferred. BUT. My baby and my mommy were both at transfers, so we got a posterity photo(:

I really like taking people's devices (tablets, iPads, iPhones) and taking selfies with my comp and their kids, as you can tell. 
And those are my zone leaders. That's what happens when you take my camera. The photos get sent to my family/friends. MWahahaha.


Us  plus Olivia Jackson , plus some....:)

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