Monday, December 14, 2015

Miracles, Miracles, Miracles all the way

This week has been full of small miracles that I'm just like holy cow, thank you Heavenly Father!!!!

We picked up a new investigator, Haleigh! Our zone leaders were in our area tracting/street contacting and they found her and she said she'd be interested in learning more. So we met with her at the library and she's super sweet! She wants her mom to meet with us too! So we're excited with what this next week will bring for her. 
Also, that same night, I taught a kid in our ward how to balance a spoon on his nose.
Really productive missionary work, I know. Hey mom, this is the family that came down a few weeks ago and taught you how to pronounce Airdrie. Just so you all know, it's air-dree. Not air-dare. Silly mommy. (; 

We had breakfast this week with a girl in the YSA ward who is preparing to go on a mission in February. She's headed to the Portugal Lisbon mission! She's seriously the coolest and she'll be such an awesome missionary. It's so cool to be reminded of that excitement right before my mission. Helps keep me going! 

So we have this investigator named Ramon. We haven't been able to get a hold of him for EVER because he works out of town all the time. Anyways. He's Spanish. He speaks English pretty well, but as far as comprehension goes on the lessons we teach, he really needs it in his native language. So we had the Spanish elders come with us to a lesson with him this week and it was so sick!!! I didn't understand a word that was said, besides Jose Smith, but the Spirit was SO STRONG. It was crazy. AND THEN. He came to church! It was awesome. We're so excited for him to progress, now that he can actually understand what he's being taught. 

Later that night, we went caroling with our district. It was a ton of fun. We found a bunch of people that were less active that we didn't even know where they lived, and they were all so nice because we sang to them. One lady tried to give us $30. One lady lent an elder a coat because he forgot his. Idk how you forget your coat in December in Canada, but whatever. Another family invited us in for chocolate and soda. It was a really fun finding activity. There was one guy who slammed the door on us and he was a jerk, but other than that, it was a blast. 

AND THEN. (This was the best ever) We have a part member family our ward that we just LOVE. The dad has had the missionaries over forever, since like 1992 and he comes to church all the time and he's just awesome. Anyways. They're really busy, but yesterday, he comes up and asks us if we can come over this week!!!! So we're hoping we can talk about the big B word... baptism. Mwahahahahaha. We'd love that for him and his family. 

ANYWAYS. It was a great week. And the best part is that it's transfer week and SISTER DURRANT AND I ARE STAYING TOGETHER FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!! I'm so stoked. It's gonna be the best ever. 

Enjoy these silly photos of us in this really cold winter wonderland. And then my companion and I and a really awesome lady in our ward whom we love(:.
 I love you guys all! Have a safe week!

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