Monday, February 1, 2016

The week I almost killed a man

So, this week was pretty sweet. Except for this one experience with this one guy. But I'll talk about that here in a bit. 

Monday, we went to Banff! It was so pretty. The Louders took us and it was so much fun! Enjoy the bajillion photos we took. 

Tuesday, we helped a family move. All I'm going to say is that missions really teach people how to move. Like, no joke. It's crazy. We went on splits in our area with our STLs and it was really sweet. We were able to visit with a family who we haven't been able to get in with our whole time in Airdrie. We also visited our investigators. They talked about some more concerns that they have, and it was actually really cool because on Wednesday, we got to watch a broadcast that answered so many questions they have! So that was a really neat experience. 

Wednesday, like I said, we went to that broadcast. It was a worldwide missionary broadcast and a few of the apostles and other general authorities spoke. They talked a lot about how important the Spirit is in teaching situations. It was really neat to reevaluate how to teach and how to help people feel the Spirit. Because that's what is most important, is when they feel the Spirit. He's the teacher, not us!

Thursday, we had a couple lessons with some less active members. It's neat to see how the Lord works. We studied some talks and scriptures that we were able to use in our lessons that totally applied to these people's personal situations. Probably one of my favorite things about being a missionary is being able to get to know people and help them rely on their Saviour, to help them grow their faith. IT'S SO MUCH FUN. We also had supper with this cute family of six boys. I just love them to pieces. One of them drew a picture of he and I on Sunday, we're passing out copies of the Book of Mormon together. Naturally, I had to get a photo with all of them. Bunch of cuties. 

Friday, we went to the mission home for a meeting. Sister Durrant is going to be training next transfer! So we had a meeting for that, and even though I'm not training, a lot of the things that were talked about are so applicable to just being a missionary in general. It was a really uplifting meeting. Even though the fact that Sister Durrant is training means that I am most likely going to be transferred, and that makes me sad. But it was a sweet meeting. Then we went to the senior's center, and they asked me to play the piano for the entertainment. Seriously, being able to play the piano has been such a blessing on my mission. I literally use it like all the time. 

And now for the big story.
On Thursday, we received a call from a guy who got a card a while back. He seemed so interested in our church and asked us to meet him at Tim Horton's that night so we could talk more about it. We were so excited. This never happens! So we got our ward mission leader to come with us, and we set up a time to meet him that night. Let's just say his name is John, for the sake of this email. We get to Timmy's and we see that John has brought a friend with him. John and his friend had brought their big bibles, their articles that they had researched, and their own copies of the Book of Mormon. It looked more like an ambush than a discussion to me. We figured we'd start out by explaining that as missionaries, we invite people to learn more about Christ and His restored gospel, but only if they want to. We don't like wasting our time bashing. So anyways. He threw down and we tried to just calmly explain what we actually believed. It didn't really work. Luckily our ward mission leader has had lots of experience with people who like to bash, so he helped us get out of that situation pretty fast. But after that happened, I was pretty upset. Not because anything he said had shaken my testimony, but who the heck did he think he was, coming in and telling me what I believer? No. That didn't fly. If anything, the things he said made my testimony stronger. It made me more determined to let people know that this gospel is true, and nothing Satan can come up with will ever change that. 

You guys, I love this gospel with all my heart. Yesterday in relief society, the teacher shared a quote that talked about how our sacrament meeting attendance is directly related to our personal conversion. And then I thought about how every Sunday, my whole life, my parents always went to church. and they always made us go, too. And I was like, wow. My parents are awesome. I am so blessed. But it's so true. As we do the things the Lord asks us, we are SO blessed. Gah. It's awesome. 

Hope everyone has a great week! I love you all!!

<3 Sister Pipkin 

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