Monday, February 22, 2016

The time that the Elders tried to make chocolate chip cookies and they turned into chocolate chip puddles

Which is probably the most exciting thing that has happened this week, to be honest. We decided to make cookies and give them to less-active members as part of district finding. Mind you, I know how to make good cookies and so does my companion, but we figured that the pre-made cookie mix the elders bought would be fine. Not true. Somehow, those mixes don't have enough flour in them, so our cookies literally turned into puddles that filled the whole cookie sheet. There was definitely no way we were giving those to members, so we took one for the team and ate the ourselves. They were pretty good puddles, but... they were puddles.

Tuesday: We gave the training in District Meeting that we totally forgot about until, like, right before. So we winged it. And it was awesome. I don't know how we pulled that off. Someone fed us under-cooked ribs for supper. (Not her fault, she was really a busy that day) And that was about as exciting as it got because that put my companion and I out of commission for Wednesday. 

Thursday: We cleaned the stake center in preparation for stake conference. When they gave us the assignment, they said with the number of missionaries that were helping, we should be done pretty quickly. Not. We took like three and a half hours. But it was actually really fun. Cleaning always feels good, especially in the church. We had a lesson that night with Scott and just talked some more about preparation for his baptism on Saturday. Brother LaPlante came and it was really awesome. Except his puppy kept biting us. Little fart. 

Friday: We had a lesson with Kelsey at a member's house. We taught her about the Tree of Life and how she is partaking of that fruit! She's so excited and adorable and we just love her. We also got to go to the temple that night! Some members from my last area were meeting us there and we almost didn't make it in time for our session haha. Luckily, we changed really fast and they waited for us because we're sister missionaries and everyone loves sister missionaries(: After our session, we went to Smashburger with the members and it was such a blast to be able to say hi and catch up. Plus, the food was good. Too bad they don't have Smashburger in the States. 

Saturday & Sunday: We made those chocolate-chip puddles and then we went to the retirement center to sing for the seniors. When they asked us to come, we figured we'd just sing some songs with them and leave after like twenty minutes. But we got there and they'd made posters and they had a huge crowd of seniors there and a nice piano and mike. It was pretty sweet. So we did some numbers and some sing-a-long hymns. It was a blast. One of our zone leaders is really great at singing and the piano so he did some numbers and it was a great time. I was quickly reminded that my performance skills are quite rusty haha so I'll definitely be working on that. We had the adult session of stake conference that night and it was really awesome and uplifting. President and Sister Miles came and spoke to us. It's always a treat to hear from them. 
Sunday morning was the other session of conference and after that, Scott and Kelsey had their baptism interviews and tried on their baptism clothes. It's so exciting!!!! That night, we attended a regional YSA fireside that talked a lot about focusing on the things we know and not being discouraged by our doubts. It's okay to have doubts and questions and concerns, it doesn't  mean that we've lost our testimony. It was pretty cool to hear that. And then they had Costco cookies and juice boxes after, so that was a plus. 

Well, Canada is probably a ton warmer than Idaho and Utah right now. Suckas. Haha but for real, it's great here. I love being able to work with the YSA who are gung-ho about doing missionary work and helping others know their Saviour. It's such a neat blessing. 
Love you all so much! Have a great week!

<3 Sister Pipkin 

1) the posters they made for our "performance"
2) the making of the chocolate-chip puddles 
3) Sister Dean and I on the C-Train

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