Monday, February 15, 2016

chocolate milk shakes and a warrant out for our arrest


This week has been super crazy. 

Monday: We had supper with a girl in our ward and her mom made these divine chocolate milk shakes. We had to run because we had correlation and Sister Dean brought her milkshake with her. We run out to the car and she opens her door and as she goes to gt in, she slips on a patch of ice -- but luckily catches herself. Not so luckily, the milkshake in her hand went flying all over her seat. So she sat in the backseat the rest of the night until we were able to clean it out. Which took forever, by the way. Our car now reeks of OxyClean and the seat is STILL kind of wet.

Tuesday: We met with these two guys, Brent and Tim, who are roommates. Sister Dean and her last companion had tracted into them and had given them their card, when one day, Tim called and said they'd like to learn more about the gospel. So we went over on Tuesday and taught them the first discussion, which went really well. And then Brent had about a gazillion questions. He's a theology major, so it was a really interesting discussion. Very knowledgeable, but still interesting. The cool part wast that they wanted to learn more! So that was exciting. As missionaries in the YSA ward, we've been invited to attend institute once a week. It's seriously so awesome, I love it. And my friend Sarah, from Airdrie, was there! I love her so much and was so happy to see her(: We also had a lesson with our investigator, Scott, about tithing. He's so golden. We also had like four members there because everyone is just so awesome and wants to be a part of his lessons! YSA rocks. 

Wednesday: We were in a hurry, and didn't purchase a train ticket. "They never check, it'll be fine," we told ourselves. We're about halfway to our stop, and we hear from the other end of the train, "Alberta Peace Officers, collecting tickets!" We thought, oooooooooooohhhh craaaaaaaaaaaaap. We tried to get off because we were SO GUILTY but the train started moving and we were trapped.... So we sat and waited for our demise. I honestly had no idea how it all works, but apparently, if you get caught without at ticket, you can get a $250 fine and if you don't pay it, there will be a warrant out for your arrest if you ever come back to Alberta. We learned all of this after I tried to give the officer an American $5 in hopes that would pay for our absence of tickets. He let us go on the fact that we're stupid Americans who have no idea how to be adults. I'll take it. But that was terrifying. Our ongoing joke is now, "Hey, remember that time we almost got arrested?" Once we got to where we were going, we were in charge of making the waffles for Waffle Wednesday at the institute building. I have to say, I'm a bomb waffle maker. Later that night, we taught Kelsey about the Law of Chastity, Tithing, and the Word of Wisdom all in one. SHE IS SO SOLID I LOVE IT. We just are working with the best people ever. 

Saturday: We got to help out with the stake Relief Society conference. We helped with set up and  take down and got to attend a few of the workshops. It was seriously such an awesome spiritual experience. I loved it. Later that night, we had a lesson with a recent convert and helped her with some insecurities. Sometimes, people feel like they're not doing enough as a new member. Let me tell you guys. You all rock, whether you were born in the gospel or you've been a member for a week. The gospel is true and it blesses your life no matter the stage you're in. Just keep doing the things you know are right and the Lord will be there. 

And that's all I for right now, because the computer is about to kick me off. WHERE DOES TWO HOURS GO I HAVE NO IDEA!!! But I started knitting again. Sister Dean re-taught me and I'm hooked. Lol, that would be funnier if I'd started crocheting again. I'm so punny. But this week, I knitted a tie and a cat dishcloth. So that was fun. 

Love you all so much! Hope this week is a great one! 

Sister Pipkin 

1) Sarah and I at institute (I'm so short)
2) A jewelry store named after me. NBD
3) Celebrating our one week aneversary with the bae, featuring hot chocolate 
4) Sister Dean and I at the Relief Society conference 
5) We have no salt and pepper shakers. So we collect salt and pepper packets. And at the conference, I collected like 130948039 and am super proud of my contribution to our taste buds

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