Tuesday, October 6, 2015

My crush on President Uchtdorf

So, I'm in love with President Uchtdorf. But like, can you blame me?
He's the best. My companion and I joke that they shouldn't have put
him first for general conference, because he's such an amazing speaker
that he sets an unrealistically high expectation that no one can meet.
I mean, he's got the accent and the humor and everything. I think
he'll be the next prophet. Speaking of which, did anyone else just
about bawl their eyes out when President Monson spoke? HE'S GETTING SO
OLD! I legitimately thought he was going to have a stroke at the
pulpit. Ah! I just love him so much! Pray for him, you guys.

Also this week, we decided that we'd had enough of people being rude
to us and shutting the door in our face, so we took up sidewalk chalk
art. And we drew the Plan of Salvation! We even gave a Book of Mormon
to a lady who was walking her dog and stopped to talk to us about it.
She lives in another city, so we couldn't really teach her, but we
gave her our information anyway. Planting seeds!

This area is so nice, you guys. So I'll attach some photos of like,
the scenery and stuff. But I accidentally have the sizes too large on
my camera and I need to have one of the elders figure it out for me,
so I have to send photos one. At. A. Time. It's the worst. But you'll
get them eventually!(:

Unfortuantely, I left my planner at home, which is like, my brain here
on the mission. SO I can't remember anything we did this week. So sad.
But just know that I'm doing well and I'm lovin' the mission life even
though it's starting to get FREEZING COLD here.

Hope you all watched conference! If you didn't, repent. And then go
watch it on lds.org because I promise you will find comfort to things
that have been on your mind! No matter what the situation is! Becasue
the Lord is mindful of us and He wants what's best for us, and He
works through His messengers, the prophet and apostles! It's so
awesome. How lucky are we to have that blessing here on this earth(:

I love you all so much! Have a good, safe week!

-Sister Pipkin

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