Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A new area with familiar faces

Transfer updates!
So I am now in Airdrie. Which is about as north as you can get in the
Calgary Mission, except for Drumheller, but no one cares about them(;
Just kidding. I'm sure they're nice people.
My companion is Sister Durrant, and I just love her! She's awesome.
Unfortunately, I don't have a photo of us together yet, but it will
happen! I promise!
Our apartment is literally so nice, we don't know how to use half of
the stuff. Like the oven. Or the dishwasher.... What a rough life we
live(;  But we have a BEAUTIFUL view from our back porch (which is
actually our front porch because we live in a basement suite, but

As excited as I am for this new area with tons of potential, it was so
hard to leave Lethbridge! I didn't cry (amazing, I know) but everyone
else did and it was just so sad. But I will be back, my lovely Park
Meadows inhabitants! I have to, I left a lot of stuff with some of
you(;  I love you all so much!

Speaking of my Park Meadows inhabitants that I love so very much.
Remember the Harpers? That family with eight kids that moved to
Calgary? Well guess whose stake I'm in. THE HARPERS! I saw them at the
General Women's Broadcast on Saturday, there were appetizers at the
stake center before the broadcast (so of course we went) and I saw
them and it was just a glorious reunion. I love that family(:

This area has tons of potential and we are so excited for all that we
can do here. We cover two wards and they're both just so sweet to us.
They loved the sisters before us, so we have some big shoes to fill!
But we're excited to make them love us just as much. Mwahahaha.
We had the neat opportunity of helping out with the mission prep class
last night. It was so neat so see that fire these pre-missionaries
have to get out into the field and work. It was also neat to see the
comparison of how much we change in a few short months on the mission!
Our teaching styles, how we talk, how it just seems to come more
naturally, it just is so neat. Missions are awesome, you guys. Go on
And that's kind of it for this week. It's been so crazy busy that
nothing really cool has happened. Except for saying goodbye to those
awesome families that I just love so much. The Leavitt's fed us all
lunch on transfer day and that was so sad. There were tears. And
photos that I will send next week(: And saying goodbye to the Feenstra
family was hard. There were photos there, too, some of which I have
right now! Yay! And that adorable Kimmie and her family, man I miss
them. And also that really awesome chick, Cassie. We made her cry. I
Also, just a reminder that this weekend is General Conference. WATCH
IT!!! We're supposed to be getting three new apostles. Yay!
I love you all! Keep being awesome! Take care!

-Sister Pipkin

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