Monday, September 14, 2015

The week that nothing happened....

Sorry, guys, nothing cool happened this week. 
By the end of this transfer, I will have been in this same area for six months. After a while, exciting things stop happening. It's so sad. I mean, we have basically the same schedule every week, so nothing too exciting happens. 
Except for yesterday, we dubbed as #WhatTheWhatSunday. 
We had so many of our less-actives that we haven't seen at church (ever) show up. On their own! It was crazy. And then Dave and Michelle, our long lost investigators, showed up too! They have been away for a couple of weeks and dealing with Word of Wisdom issues,  so we kind of just put them on the back burner for now. But we stopped by the other day to say hi, and Dave wasn't doing too well. He said they'd be at church on Sunday, but we took that with a grain of salt. And then they came! We were so excited to see them. 
We also spent most of the week helping a gymnastics studio move buildings. It was way fun. One of the crazy things we did was help them move their huge foam block pit, which entailed us playing in the huge foam block pit. So fun. 
It rained a lot this week, so we were grateful it was our turn to have the car. Those poor other sisters(; 
Here is a photo of me and a little girl in our ward that I just absolutely adore. Her name is Keltye (Kel-tee) and I'm bringing her home with me in my suitcase. (:And here is a photo of our zone at zone conference last week. 
I love you all! Hope things are going well!
And mom, I got the package. Thanks SO MUCH for my stuff(: 
Love you!

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