Monday, May 25, 2015

Bed bugs and mispronunciation

 Super neat experience this week. 

And... super not neat experience this week. 

But neat experience first. 
There is a family that some other sisters taught and the mom got baptized, but the dad didn't because they're not actually married and can't afford it... whatever that means. But. They're like super ghetto. Like I'm wicked uncomfortable around them and Sister Layton was all like "We need to go have a lesson with them. " And I'm all, Sister, please no. I'm gonna die. And of course we went because she's the boss. And we sat in their living room and I didn't even notice until after when Sister Layton pointed it out to me that they were totally expecting us, like they had the living room arranged for our visit and everything. And then the mom sat down and first thing she did was pull out her scriptures and her eyes were just sparkling and full of light. And it hit me really freaking hard like a friggin truck or something that this isn't my gospel. This isn't my work. This is the Lord's work and I'd better get out of the way. This lady whom I'd been judging hard core was so ready to hear the message we had for her and she NEEDED it from us. So yeah, that was awesome. 

We also think they have bed bugs. Which like, please Heavenly Father, don't do that to me. My face is already breaking out because it's SUUUUPER dry here, I don't need bed bugs. So as much as we want to continue teaching this family, we're trying to not get bed bugs. Pray for me. Lol. 

But we finally got Spanish elders in our ward! yay! No more lame Spanish from Sister Pipkin lol. 

So, I always thought "Pipkin" wasn't that hard of a name to pronounce. Apparently, I was wrong. Every little kid we come across calls me "Sister Pickin". It's adorable. But some of the missionaries in my zone call me Pimpkin. Like, you gusy. There's no "M." Pip. Kin. But it's fun. 

Look at this cute photo of me and my comp and the other sisters in our district in these awesome construction vests at a service project. We didn't even do anything besides cheer people on while they ran a 5k lol, but we got to wear them for like .5 seconds. 
We also helped a sister sort laundry, and we called the mountain of laundry Mount. Oxy (because she uses Oxyclean lol) Her daughter, Liz, is the one that struggles the most with my name. She's four and super fairy-adorable. 
And this other photo is of us and some activity day girls at their activity last week. Such fun little kids. 

Also, there's this new elder, fresh from the MTC. He's from New Zealand and Elder Nawahine, his trainer, thought it would be fun to make me think his new baby doesn't speak English. And I totally fell for it, like I was like what the crap, how am I supposed to talk to this kid. They had me convinced he speaks the language of Love. I THOUGHT IT WAS LIKE A NATIVE NEW ZEALAND TONGUE OR SOMETHING.  
Lol @ Sister Pipkin. 
The kid speaks perfect English, obviously, and now that joke will never die. Ever. They'll come to my wedding and STILL be making fun of me. 

-Sista Pipkin 

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