Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Momma Bear in the big blue house

This week, I went tracting for the very first time. 
Crazy, right? You'd think I'd have done that already in the four weeks I've been in Canada. But we're so slammed with less-active work that we've not had the chance until this last week. And boy, was that an experience. The very first house we tracted at was this big, ugly, blue house. And I was like, Dude, Sister, this house is atrocious. But we knocked anyway. And she was not happy to see us. And that's when we deemed this unhappy lady the nickname, Mamma Bear in the Big Blue House. We only knocked on about four doors before we had to head home, and they were all dead-ends, but hey, I can now say that I've tracted haha. 

Cool story. Some of the elders in our area texted us asking if we could help them with a service project, moving a lady into our ward boundaries. They sent us the info, and it turns out that this lady is actually a referral we got this last week from our ward mission leader and she's less active, but trying to come back to church. We contacted her and she'd said she was moving, but didn't need help, so it was awesome that this whole thing worked out. This way, we can help her out and hopefully reactivate her and her two boys! It's neat how the Lord does things to get His work done. 

We've done lots of service this week. Helping members clean their homes to surprise their moms for mother's day and helping other members prepare to move. It's been a real learning experience, and quite humbling. Cleaning is such an awesome way to serve others and to build a relationship with them. I encourage you all to try it out! 

This week has been really busy, but nothing too exciting has happened. We went to Calgary for a re-training meeting and that was really neat. President Nicholas and the assistants, Elder Kelly and Elder Smith, are super awesome and they are awesome with their leadership callings. We learn so much from they every time we are taught by them. 

One thing I wanted to share with you all was what I studied this morning in Mosiah. After the sons of Mosiah realized they were being punks and repented, they all wanted to serve the Lord and bring the gospel to the Lamanites. This is super huge, you guys, because previously, the sons of Mosiah put all their efforts into destroying the church, and now they see how wrong they are and they want everyone else to feel the blessings the gospel has had in their life. I realized this morning how much I am like the sons of Mosiah. While I have never went around destroying the church, we all have our own personal trials that have taught us how important the gospel is in our lives. As Sister Layton and I are teaching our investigators, I have had this overwhelming desire to share all I know with these people! I know with a surety that what I have has made me so happy and I just want to share it with others so that they can have the comfort and guidance they need to get through the tough things in their life. It's crazy, but it's real, the love I have for these people that I've known barely a month. 

I know that the Lord has given me this opportunity to love these people so that I can have a small taste of the love Has has for me, and for everyone else. I love you all so much and it was awesome to Skype with my family yesterday. I hope all you missionary moms out there had just as awesome of an experience. Our families are so important to us as missionaries, and we greatly appreciate your love and support. 

Love you all!

Signing out, 
Sista Pipkin <3

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