Monday, June 1, 2015

That one time that the Elders had to rescue the Sisters

So, we sisters did something silly this last week. 

That silly thing was leaving our keys to our apartment... in the locked apartment. Which is on the top floor.
Normally, we would just as the cute little old lady on the bottom floor to let us in the complex, but our apartment door was locked too, and no one could really help us with that. 
But then. 
I remembered that our back door was unlocked. But Sister Layton and I are both wearing skirts, and are both relatively short, so how did we solve our problem, you might ask? 
We called the elders. 
Which kind of hurt my pride a little bit, but I was tired enough that I decided to let it go. 
So Elder Gill decided he would climb the balcony. 
And then we remembered that the neighbor below us hates us and we could see him in his living room and we knew that if he saw some weird guy wearing a white shirt and a tie climbing our balcony, he would probably call the police or shoot us or both or whatever. 
Our next best idea was to get a latter and have Gill climb the latter up the wall to our back door. 
Except... we didn't have a latter... obviously. 
But a lady in our ward did! 
So we called her, and we went and got it, and Elder Gill climbed the wall. And then the neighbor that hates us came out and was acting all nice and he wasn't wearing a shirt and we were just all really confused at this point. 
But we made it, and that was all that mattered. 
The moral of this story is to ALWAYS double, triple, and quadruple check to make sure you have your dang keys because this is literally the second time we've locked ourselves out. :D 

We also met a guy from the south side that told us he had been going to church with some elders from the south side, but that he hadn't heard from them in a while. So we got his information and told him we'd take care of it, but the whole time he's like stroking my hand and telling us we're pretty and just being suuuper creepy. Oh, and he was totally high as a kite. So that was fun. We went to supper with a member right after that and told her about the story and she said, "Oh that's why you kind of smell like drugs." Yes, that would be why. Lol. 

We received a referral from the other sisters in our zone, a 16 year-old boy. They gave us his number and address, but when we stopped by the address, it was his grandparents' house. So we called the number and the voicemail box was for a lady. You can imagine our confusion. The lady texted us and we were all super confused, trying to figure it out, and she said, "No sorry, this isn't (insert 16-year old boy's name here) this is my  number. You ladies have a great day!" So naturally, being missionaries, we texted her back saying, "Well we were going to share with him a message about Jesus Christ. Would that be something you would be interested in?" About five minutes later, the lady texts us back saying, "LOL you girls are such good missionaries, this is the bishop's wife!" 
So that was fun. The other sisters must have given us the wrong number, but at least the members in the area know we're dong our job(:

I had my first and last interview with President Nicholas on Thursday. He and his wife are finished with their calling as mission president at the end of this month. It was kind of sad, they're super awesome people and I've really learned to love them in the few short months I've been here. Which, by the way, I turned two months old last week. Yay me(:

It's been a good week, full of craziness and happiness and just overall goodness. I'm glad to be here serving the people of Lethbridge. I love it here and I'm so grateful for all the love and support you all are sending my way. I have such an army behind me supporting me on this mission and I thank Heavenly Father for you all every day. Continue to do the things you know to be true and to stand firm in your faith. I can promise you that you will be blessed for doing it. Love you!
Signing out, 

Sister Pipkin

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