Monday, August 29, 2016

I'm Lame

Sorry, guys, my motivation to type out a big long email this week is nill. But I will do my best to tell you all the fun things(: 

Tuesday: It was seriously so hot. Aaaaaah I was dying. And, I'm directionally challenged, so we walked around forever in the blazing heat trying to find someone's house while we sweated our faces off. 
But we had some pretty neat lessons. We visited Kendra for our weekly lesson with her and things have just been plain overwhelming for her the past few weeks. So instead of leaving her with another thing she has to add to her to-do list, we got the elders to come over and move some furniture for her that had also been overwhelming her. You could just see the stress lift off her shoulders once that stuff was out of the way. Never underestimate the power of a few young boys moving some couches. 
We went to the golf course after District Meeting and someone had paid for our meal! So sweet. 
We finally got a relief society president in 3rd ward, and it turns out it's Sister Searcy! We love visiting their family, so it'll be so fun to work closely with her. We went over there that night and went through the ward list with her, talking about who we can work with and whatnot.They recently went to Oregon for a family vacation, and Hope, their youngest, brought me back a sand dollar! So sweet.  

Wednesday: We doubled as therapists. Not intentionally, but that's kind of what happened. Just about everyone we visited shared with us some really difficult struggles they went through in their lives, and it was pretty eye-opening. Also from that experience, I decided I'll never be getting married. I'll just get a dog instead. :D Haha just teasing. 

Thursday: It rained all day, which was nice because the one day it decided to rain was the day we were mostly inside weekly planning(: 
We also had our first lesson with Sam since before I got here! Sam is 11, and her parents aren't active. Her and her sisters are allowed to take the lessons, but not be baptized until they're 18. We'd kind of lost touch over the summer, but with things starting to get back into schedule for school coming up, we were able to meet with Sam and we'll be meeting with her other sisters shortly(: 
Sam turns 12 in October, so we're working on having her memorize the Articles of Faith leading up to that. She's such a sweet, cute kid, we're excited to keep working with her(: 
Scriptures with Friends was amazing this week! We had almost every seat in the seminary room filled, and the kids had so much fun! We had a lot of new kids come that aren't from the usual crowd, and we're excited to see them back next week. We played scripture pictionary, and read in Mosiah about Alma converting and baptizing people while he's in hiding from King Noah. We then talked about the covenants we make when we're baptized and how we can keep them in our everyday lives. 

Friday: We made sail boats at Good Sam's with the residents and tried to see how many rocks we could put in them before they sunk. I helped Eddie with his, and our boat held 70 rocks before it sank! That might sound like a lot, but it wasn't. Haha, I'm terrible at the whole making-things-that-actually-function thing. But it looked cute!
On Monday, we found a massive zucchini in our fridge with knives stabbed into it. Our only guess was the elders got us again. So to pay back, we made a cake for Elder Simmons' birthday, but we took a bunch of the zucchini and cut it up and wrote "Happy Birthday!" on the cake with the zucchini. 

Saturday: We helped our ward mission leader's mother-inlaw (try saying that five times fast) move in. They had a trailer full of boxes, and we had it all inside in 20 minutes! Again, don't underestimate the power of a few boys moving some boxes. And girls. We helped too. 
I felt prompted to visit the family that we helped move into our ward last weekend. We knocked on the door, and the oldest son answered. He said his mom was in the ER right now because she'd fallen down their front steps and hurt her leg. So we came back later that night and chatted with her and found out some ways we can help her and her family. Part of the reason why they'd moved was because she'd just gotten divorced, so there's lots of opportunity for us to serve with helping unpack, clean, and hopefully help with organizing the baptism for her little girl. Yay for following promptings!
We also talked to these people on the street (which never happens in Raymond unless they're members, which these people weren't) who were making huge bubbles with sticks and string! I'll try to send the best photo of it that I got. But it was pretty neat! 

Sunday: I went on splits for the first time my whole mission! I guess I've just never had to? Idk. Anyways. We had two ward councils happening at the same time, So Sister Brignone took our ward mission leader's wife to 1st ward council, and I took Emma Boyes, a recent RM, to 10th ward council. It was really good to be there, and one of the bishops told me a few different times, "Sisters, thank you so much for being there. Having you presents helps us stay focused on our purpose for the ward." Aww. Nothin' like that to make you feel good about being a missionary!!

Sorry this email is so short! I wouldn't say I'm getting trunky, but typing up a big long email about your whole week is a lot more work than you'd think. Especially when you don't use technology any other time(: 
But I love you all SO MUCH!!!!! Thanks for being so loving and supportive(: 
Mom, tell Brother DeMordaunt that I got his letter and I'm so grateful for his encouragement! 

Love you!

<3 Sister Pipkin 

1) The Raymond Missionaries Moving Crew
2) Sister Brignone and I, photo courtesy of BMD. Also, note her mismatched outfit. She lost What Are the Odds and had to let me pick out her outfit and wear it, no matter what I picked. I think I was pretty merciful... :D 
3) the zucchini they left in our fridge
4) the payback birthday cake. too bad we didn't put zucchini IN it. We're nicer than that. 
5) Eddie and I with our boat (: 

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