Monday, June 13, 2016

I came here to die

Well, ladies and gents. This is it. This is most likely my last area. 
Tuesday evening, I got the call that I'm going to Raymond with Sister Black! So here I am, and we're pretty sure it'll be my last area before I "die" or go home from my mission. Which is kind of a surreal thing to think about. It's so strange haha. 

Anywho. This week has been super crazy. Ah, I think I lost my brain somewhere there in the mix of everything. 

Monday: Was our last p-day as a zone before transfers broke us apart forever. So sad. The Gardiners, the senior couple in our zone, brought food for us all and it was fun to spend some of our p-day with them. They're so sweet. We did the usual stuff, groceries, played games as a zone, yada yada yada. For FHE, they did a BBQ/clean the institute parking lot. So that was fun for my last YSA thing before transfers. Got a ton of photos and it was super hard to say goodbye to some of them. It's like leaving my friends all over again. Man, I love YSA. We also went and said goodbye to one of my favourite families from the area. Ah, goodbyes. What a drag. 

Tuesday: Was our last district meeting before transfers broke us apart forever. SO SAD. Transfers are the worst, you guys. Gah. Anywho. We took tons of photos, again, and then a member from Airdrie came down and took us for lunch. She was in our ward, but the elders, Elder Parker and Elder Jewkes, lived with them. Neat enough, both Parker and Jewkes are in my zone, so we all met her for lunch and it was a cute little reunion. So fun. 
We took our recyclable bottles to the bottle depot and made like $35. That was cool. We heart attacked a girl for her birthday, and then went and watched our recent converts, Kelsey and Scott, do baptisms in the temple. That was so fun(: 
We had supper with Brendan at his mom's house and then I had to kick my rear in gear and get to packin'. Let's just say, I didn't sleep very much that night. Or Wednesday night. Yikes. 

Wednesday: Was chaos. We went and picked up the new sister that Sister Sears is training. My little grandbaby has RED HAIR!!! She's the cutest thing ever. We ran some errands, made sure she had bed sheets and all that jazz, helped her unpack and make her bed while I finished packing. We took her to Brendan's house for our last lunch with all the sisters and we took some posterity photos. Me with both my "daughters" and my new "granddaughter". So cute haha. We then took her to the Pitcher's house where we pretended Brother Pitcher, this 84-year-old man, was a referral we were going to contact. We let her do the door approach and he challenged just about everything she said. She held strong, though, she stood there and testified. What a gal. She's gonna do great. Anywho, she passed, and Brother Pitcher let us in and it was all fun and games. We went and took photos with Kelsey at the temple and then had a lesson with J.R. My last lesson with him! He bought me this sweet bracelet as a parting gift, and we took some photos. He's progressing great, I'm so sad I'll miss his baptism, but it's going to be great for him(: 
We had supper at the Heinzlmeir's and Lewis spent, like, forever preparing this awesome meal for us. What a guy. Love that kid. It was rough saying goodbye to their family. Heck, it's rough saying goodbye to everyone. YOU GUYS I HATE GOODBYES. We met Brendan at the temple and he had a bag of parting gifts for me. Aww. Not to mention, my most favoritest cheese buns in the whole galaxy. Mmm. You'll be missed, BMD. #shoutout. And then we went home, got the grandbaby all settled in for real and then I really really finished all my packing. And, again, I didn't sleep a ton. Especially because I was on the couch. Roughin' it. haha. 

Thursday: Was insane. This week was insane, you guys, in case you haven't caught on. The AP's didn't want Sister Sears and Sister Lane (that's my grandbaby) to drive all the way down to transfers and use their clicks for no reason. So they had me go down with some other sisters, but they didn't have room in their one car, so we had to go get their other car, go back to our pad and get my luggage, and then book it to the transfer station. All before 9am. So that was fun. We got to the transfer station, gave hugs and said goodbyes to missionaries I'll probably never see again (sad) and then headed down to Lethbridge. On the way down, we convinced Elder Thorely, our fleet coordinator, to stop at the 7/11 and get fried chicken. Woo hoo! Got my new companion, Sister Black, and headed to good ol' Raymond! And then some other stuff that I can't remember because my brain got lost in the mess of transfers. 

Friday: I can't remember. I think we saw some people. I don't remember any of them. Yet. I suck, haha. But there was this one lady who has all these collectable Barbies. So that was neat. 

Saturday: WAS SO COOl! President Nelson came and had a conference with us and it was just the coolest thing ever. I love him. He's hilarious. I wish I had time to include all the things he said, but I don't. It was great, though. We watched a fireside with his wife and it was great, as well. She's from Raymond!

Sunday: We had a stake conference with President Nelson. He's seriously so cool. I just love him. Got to shake his hand twice! His hands are super soft. So that happened. 
And last night, to celebrate P-day eve, we roasted marshmallows and made smores. Over a candle I have from Bath and Body Works. hahaha. 

Ok, so sorry, this is super brief, but I love you all and am running out of time. Idk where it went. Awkward. 

I love you all so much! 

<3 Sister Pipkin 

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