Monday, April 4, 2016

The Mormon Superbowl

That's basically what General Conference is like.
Think about it. 
Lots of people gathered around the t.v. for multiple hours. There's always food, probably green jell-o with fruit in it. There's always a few performances. People laugh. And cry. And those are probably all the similarities. 
Regardless, I'm kind of obsessed with General Conference. It's like, my favorite weekend as a missionary. Or just in general. But I'll start from the beginning of my week, first. 

Monday: A family from my first area came up from Lethbridge and we had lunch together and I squealed a ton. It was so weird seeing them again, it had been a whole six months since I last saw them! It was awesome. Some of my favorite people(: We hung out at the stake center with the other missionaries, as usual, and just kind of, like, relaxed. P-day is a holy day. Normal people dread Mondays, but not missionaries.

Tuesday and Wednesday: We had a few lessons with some less-active members and the usual Waffle Wednesday. AND THEN we had a lesson with a new investigator, J.R. J.R. was introduced by his friend in our ward, Johnathan. He brought him to that Friday Forum a few weeks ago about race and the priesthood and J.R. really liked that. He's also been attending the Eternal Families class at the institute building and loving that as well. So Johnathan set up an appointment with us and J.R. and we met with him and taught him the first half of the first lesson, the Restoration. Holy Hannah it was so awesome. He loved it. He agreed with everything we said and said it was what he'd been wondering about and looking for and he just felt so comfortable with us. AND THEN he said, "You know, you people are different. You look at me like I'm special, like I'm important. I feel like you love people just as Jesus would love them." HE SAID THAT. I was so happy, I literally could have flown away. Idk, that's a weird way to say that I was really happy haha. So, he agreed to take the lessons and keep learning more. He also agreed to read the Book of Mormon and come to church. HE SAID HE LOVES THAT WE HAVE A PROPHET TODAY AND ADDITIONAL SCRIPTURE. Like, could he have been more golden and prepared???? Ah. So cool. And then a member took us to Boston Pizza, which is pretty much  my favorite place to eat here. 

Thursday and Friday: We had some more lessons with our usual people that we're working with. Did some weekly planning. And then on Friday morning, we met with J.R. again and it was pretty much just as cool and awesome and spiritually uplifting as the first lesson with him. Johnathan texted us later that afternoon saying that after they left, J.R. was telling all his friends that he was going to convert to being a Mormon. WE HAVEN'T EVEN INVITED HIM TO BE BAPTIZED YET AND HE WANTS TO BE A MORMON!!!! You guys, I'm like... Idk. I'm so excited, words can't even describe. Ah. So good. 
We did a service project after that, spreading mulch for a community garden with the elders in our district. That was fun. The guy in charge invited us over for donuts and lemonade after. Such a sweet guy. And I can never turn down donuts so... :D 

Saturday: Was the beginning of the Mormon Super Bowl. Ah, so awesome. It was so neat because I hadn't really decided what I wanted to get out of conference yet until like, that morning. AND THEN there were like THREE talks that basically addressed all of my concerns and issues and such. I was like, woah. Heavenly Father is awesome. 
We had lunch between sessions with the sisters in our zone and then we went back to the stake center. We got back a bit early, so we layed on the sidewalk in the sun because warmth. We're laying there, modest, of course, and flippin' President Miles and his wife pull up. Right in front of Sister Balser and I. Hahaha so awkward, we had no idea they were coming. They got out of their car and President says, "Well, hey there, sisters. Watcha doin'?" And then he went on to tease us. It was awesome to watch the afternoon session with them. I just love them. Even cooler was that I saw a TON of people I knew from BYUI in that choir that sang. I was like, HEY! She was in my class! HEY! We were Twitter besties! (shout out to Miranda) HEY! I had a crush on him! (shout out to Matt). And of course, Sister Ashby. Ah. Love that woman. She was the really enthusiastic conductor. So neat. 

Sunday: Was the commencement of the Mormon Super Bowl. I was so not ready for it to be over, but that's ok. Six more months until it comes again. Mwahaha. Between sessions, we had a picnic with our zone on the lawn in front of the chapel. After conference was over (sad) we had supper with a member from our YSA ward and her family. They fed us actual real life Mexican food. Note: for some reason, Mexican food sucks in Canada. Even though there's actual Hispanic people here. Whatever. But this was good. Mmmm. And then we went to ESL (where we help teach English to people. The church has a program that we get to help out with on Sunday evenings and sometimes  Thursdays if we have time) I got to work with the teenagers and it's just so fun working with them. Deeply considering teaching English in China when I come home. That'd be a blast. 

Love you all so much. Thanks for all your love and support. You're all wonderful and fantastic and I couldn't do any of this without you(:
p.s. be a missionary and share on Facebook your favorite quote from General Conference(: 

1) the Leavitts (: 
2) Sister Blaser and I suntanning missionary style
3) Oh yeah. This lady in Walmart today tried to convert us. Stupid. These were the pamphlets she gave us. 

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