Sunday, January 24, 2016

No clever title this week, sorry guys

The Clever & Witty portion of my brain is out of service today, so sorry about that. This will basically be one big long journal entry because I am SO TIRED. #LOAM (Life of a missionary)
 (Our Zone)

Tuesday was pretty sweet. We had a zone training meeting about the new Standard of Excellence for our mission. That's just basically a standard that our mission president has set specifically for the missionaries he has stewardship over, a.k.a, the best missionaries in the world.  So this week, Sister Durrant and I have been implementing it into our missionary work and we've seen lots of blessings from it! It's been sweet. After our meeting, we went to lunch with a bunch of sisters and the Spanish elders. Later that night, we tracted a street and got a couple of people who said we could come back! It was really awesome. One guy recognized us because we'd seen him putting up his Christmas lights and offered to help. (Not Richard the Baptist preacher, a different guy. We offered to help a lot of people and none of them took us up on the offer lol) I also had donair pizza for the first time. It's yummy. 

On Wednesday, we had cleaning inspections on our apartment and we got a 10/10. Woo hoo! That's what you get for having lots of siblings and having to learn how to clean up after them(; 

Thursday, we visited our investigator, Lisa. It had been a long time since we'd seen her because of the holidays and such, and the thought we had been transferred and not told her! So that was sad, because we would never leave without saying goodbye. We taught her a lesson on prayer and how praying and coming to church will bless her life SO MUCH. We're waiting for the acting part now(: Later that night, we had supper with the Martins, and Sister Martin made me this super intense/delicious chocolate cherry cake! Oh my word it was to die for. So good. And they sang happy birthday to me(: Then we stopped by a former investigator, and she agreed to letting us start teaching her again! Just one of the blessings from our obedience to the Standard. We tracted a street and had some weird people answer the door. One guy spoke gibberish. Another guy's pants were unzipped. 
(Sister Martin and my birthday cake..)
Friday, we had a few lessons with less-active members and then we volunteered at the senior's home. They do a tea every Friday and it's always so fun to sit with the seniors and get to know them and enjoy whatever entertainment is going on. Usually local performing artists. Then, we got two new investigators! We had a lesson with a part member family, and the mom and daughter agreed to take the lessons! Woo hoo! We are so excited for them. The gospel brings such blessings into families, we're excited to see what the Lord has in store for them! 

Saturday, we were practicing our musical number for sacrament at the Taylor's, and the kids got this new game called Pie Face for Christmas. Of course, the elders roped us into playing. I didn't get any pie to the face (it's just whipped cream) but Sister Durrant did and so did both of the elders!

Sunday, I was asked to play the piano for primary, and it was really fun. I love playing the piano and I love primary, so it was just sweet. Primary always reminds us of the simple, basic truths of the gospel and the simple, basic things the Lord asks of us. It's sweet. Then I sang in the elders' ward in sacrament. We sang I Believe In Christ and it was so cool! The Spirit was so strong. We rocked it, if I do say so myself. We got to watch the CES devotional with our friend Sarah and her family. It was really neat the things Elder and Sister Nelson had to share with us. They talked a lot about seeking inspiration from the Lord, and then acting upon the promptings the Spirit gives you. It's so true! Why would the Lord give us instructions if He knows we won't follow them? We have to be willing to act. 

So this week, I learned the importance of following what is asked of us. I saw how by following the new Standard of Excellence, we were blessed in our missionary work. By doing the things that are asked of us, we were able to do more of the Lord's work. He will trust us the more we are obedient. The more He trusts us, the more blessings we get! It's just this continuous cycle of awesome blessings that we will never be able to repay the Lord for. Isn't that the coolest? 

Anywho. I love you all so much. Thank you for all the support and love and birthday wishes. I hope everyone's families are safe and happy! I love you all!


1&2) Our zone
3) Sister Martin and I and their little girl and that delicious cake that made me fat
4,5,6) Pie Face 
7) Our windshield froze...on the inside???
8) I got these little sticky rubber chicken things for my birthday from a member and Sister Durrant and I spent the morning flinging them at each other...(:
9) The frost this week. Looks like something out of Chronicles of Narnia
<3 Sister Pipkin

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